Blow molding Bekum & Uniloy rebuilt machines

Realize your blow molding projects immediately with a minimum investment, buying rebuilt blow molding machines  from GG Group.

With a warranty of a new one!
Call us we have your best solution…

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GG Group

In PETformPack S.A de C.V we have over 25 years of experience in blow molding machines, we are specialists in the reconstruction and modernization of  Bekum and Uniloy machines.

Our experience and responsibility , ensure the quality that you will obtain from our products.



Nowadays due to the high prices of the new machinery, the creation and expansion of new companies in the blow molding market are getting  difficult to perform.

The solution are the Rebuilt Machines and modernized with the price of only 35% of a new one. And not only that ,we  also offer advice and training  for the use of this machines.

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