GG Group

In PETformPack S.A de C.V we have over 25 years of experience in blow molding machines, we are specialists in the reconstruction and modernization of  Bekum and Uniloy machines.

Our experience and responsibility , ensure the quality that you will obtain from our products.

Give Our Best

In GG Group PetFormPack, our goal is to improve continuously , and give out the best of us in service and quality. We have to recognize that this effort is not enough. To achieve the true excellence you need to establish new goals and have responsibility.

That is why we have established in areas of our Company , a campaign “To excellence” or “In search of total quality“ that demand for all  of our employees a total effort . And has as its goal to increase our efficiency and continuous improvement of our products and services. In GG Group quality does not begin and end only with our products, it is also an ongoing process that covers all aspects of our activities, such as research, development, manufacturing, sales, administration and above all ,the most important resource of our company is The experience and acknowledgement of our technical team.

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