Reconstruction of blow molding machines from Bekum and Uniloy

Nowadays due to the high prices of the new machinery, the creation and expansion of new companies in the blow molding market are getting  difficult to perform

In Bekum Mexico, we have found the solution so that your projects are more reasonable and you can get them easier.

The solution are the Rebuilt Machines and modernized with the price of only 35% of a new one. And not only that ,we  also offer advice and training  for the use of this machines.

We deliver the equipment to manufacture your own product ,we can also provide you special heads from 1 up to 12 parisons

Our machines are completely disassembled and we change all wear parts with completely orginal new parts. When we assembled the machines , we maintain the original precision of a new German machine.

 We have collaborated with the company BEKUM BERLIN for over 25 years, distributing their equipment in Mexico and relating with their distributos around the world. With this we have the right to have the best used machines in the maket and specially with this we can do the reconstruction on German original machines and not on machines of other preferences.

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