Over 45 Years of Experience in Extrusion Blow Molding Rebuilt Machines


About us

We are specialists in the reconstruction and modernization of Bekum and Uniloy machines. We offer Uniloy & Bekum machines with the price of only 35% of a new one. And not only that, we also offer expert advice and training for the use of this machines.We offer remanufacturing services to refurbish major components to operate like new.

Grupo GG also has an extensive inventory of replacement parts for all Bekum and Uniloy Machines, original spares and components can be delivered internationally within the shortest possible time and with Guarantee.

We have a considerable experience in EBM machines and we are able to modify, upgrade and improve any kind of blow molding machines for our clients. We provide efficient after-sales service with remote troubleshooting and international intervention on site if required. Our prices are competitve and adapted to our clients’ budget.

Optimal Quality

Our merchandises are delivered in the best conditions with the most effective high performance results.


Among our clients we have earned their respect and trust from our delivered products increasing our customer´s loyalty every day.

Competitive Prices

We offer the best quality-price deals for all of our multi-nationals customers.

Customer Appreciation

The idea is to leave a lasting impression on customers by working with them and assisting them in the best way possible. Good customer service means meeting expectations but for us our goal is an excellent customer service that means exceeding them.

Realize your blow molding projects immediately with a minimum investment, buying rebuilt blow molding machines from GG Group.

Our experience and responsibility, ensure the quality that you will obtain from our products.

With a warranty of a new one!



We are specialists in the reconstruction and modernization of Bekum and Uniloy machines.

We have The Best EBM Rebuilds in the market.

We deliver the equipment manufacturing your own product with any type of head and/or raw material.

Our machines are completely disassembled, and all components are replaced by new original parts. The following areas are addressed with the remanufacture: A Complete Controls Upgrade, Rewire of Entire Machine, New Clamp System, New Carriage System, New Calibration System, New Pneumatics and new Hydraulic System, New Extrusion System, New Cutting Device, and a Complete Safety Upgrade

That is why we offer the same guarantee as a new machine. All the machines are in our facilities and most of them are ready to produce your items. Guaranteed functional and production reliability can be backed up by our International Clients around the world.

We have been collaborating with the BEKUM BERLIN company for more than 45 years, distributing its equipment in Mexico since 1988. As time passes, needs change, and technology advances. Grupo GG Services is here to support you with engineered packages to reconfigure your machine or update it with state-of-the-art technology.